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How To Prevail

How to Prevail 

This is a family and pet friendly podcast, to help friends glean tips for surviving emergency incidents they find themselves in.

This is emergency preparedness, medical safety, security tips and more done respectfully and aimed at people living in the suburbs.  

Formerly known as the Kenn Blanchard Show where I mused about all sorts of things and interviewed some local people this show begins April 2019.  Some of the previous shows highlighted some good people and I didn't want to delete them. 


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Thanks in advance.

Dec 24, 2018

I want to introduce you to one of the major people in my success as a podcaster named Dave Jackson.  This is the guy to seek if you are looking for anything in this space.  If he doesn’t know how he knows who can.

He is my friend and brother.

The School of Podcasting has been around since April of 2005. He's helped hundreds of people launch podcasts. 
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